Molecular Characterization of Unknown Pathways


MoCha (Molecular Characterization) is an efficient tool for the characterization of unknown components and pathways interacting with a a given set of proteins. MoCha can search within seconds over one billion protein-protein interactions curated in the STRING database v10. MoCha and its source code is freely distributed in this website.


You can freely use and download MoCha and its source code (GPLv3 license) in your own computer. A script (Unix/Linux) is included to automatically download the necessary database files, process them, and compile the program for your system. Please, click here to download the latest version of MoCha.


MoCha: molecular characterization of unknown pathways
D. Lobo, J. Hammelman, M. Levin
Journal of Computational Biology 23(4): 291-297, 2016.


This work was supported by National Science Foundation (EF-1124651), National Institutes of Health (GM078484), W. M. Keck Foundation, and G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Charitable Foundation. Computation used equipment awarded by Silicon Mechanics.